An opportunity to buy a unique ‘Class Hoodie’ for 2023.
Available in Navy or Burgundy, the Hoodie has the Royal Windsor Horse Show on the front with the title of the class and horse names as published in the official programme on the back.
This is a keepsake item to remind you of the wonderful experience that is unique to the Royal Windsor Horse Show



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Class 2 Senior Foxhunter 1.20m, Class 3 National 1.40m Open 1.40m, Class 7 Open Working Show Horse, Class 8 Lightweight Working Hunter, Class 9 Heavyweight Working Hunter, Class 10 Thoroughbred Ridden Show Horse Flat, Class 11 Thoroughbred Ridden Show Horse National Hunt, Class 12 Senior, In Hand, Class 13 Senior, Ridden Horse exceeding 153cm, Class 14 Senior, Ridden Pony not exceeding 153cm, Class 15 Senior Horse / Pony, In Hand (Mixed Age), Class 16 Senior Horse / Pony, Ridden (Mixed Age), Class 17 Amateur Small & Lightweight Hunter, Class 18 Amateur Middleweight & Heavyweight HunterClass 19 RoR Open In Hand, Class 20 Coloured Pony, Ridden, Native/ Cob/ Traditional, Class 21 Coloured Horse, Ridden, Native/Cob/Traditional, Class 22 Coloured Ridden, Non-Native Pony, Class 23 Coloured Ridden, Non-Native Horse, Class 24 Coloured In Hand Youngstock, Non Native, Class 25 Coloured In Hand Youngstock, Native/Cob/Traditional, Class 26 Coloured Pony In Hand, Non-Native, Class 27 Coloured Horse In Hand, Non Native, Class 28 Coloured Pony In Hand, Native/Cob/Traditional, Class 29 Coloured Horse In Hand, Native/Cob/Traditional, Class 30 Open Hackney Pony, Class 31 Haflinger In Hand, Class 32 Open Hackney Horse, Class 33 Haflinger Pony Ridden, Class 36 Lightweight Hunter, Class 37 Middleweight Hunter, Class 38 Heavyweight Hunter, Class 40 Coaching Marathon, Class 42 Novice Cob, Class 43 Amateur Cob, Class 44 Lightweight Riding Cob, Class 45 Heavyweight Riding Cob, Class 46 Maxi Riding Cob, Class 47 Novice Lightweight Hunter, Class 48 Novice Heavyweight Hunter, Class 49 Polo Pony, Class 50 Ladies Hunter, Class 51 Small Hunter, Class 52 Dales, Class 53 New Forest, Class 54 Exmoor, Class 55 New Forest, Class 56 Dales, Class 57 Exmoor, Class 58 Highland, Class 59 Dartmoor, Class 60 Highland, Class 61 Fell, Class 62 Fell, Class 63 Dartmoor, Class 65 Amateur Hack, Class 66 Novice Hack, Class 67 Large Hack, Class 68 Small Hack, Class 69 Heavy Horse In Hand, Class 70 Ladies Show Horse, Class 71 Connemara, Class 72 Welsh Mountain Pony Section A, Class 73 Connemara, Class 74 Welsh Mountain Pony Section A, Class 75 Welsh Cob Section C, Class 76 Welsh Pony Section B, Class 77 Welsh Cob Section C, Class 78 Welsh Pony Section B, Class 79 Welsh Cob Section D, Class 80 Shetland, Class 81 Welsh Cob Section D, Class 82 Shetland, Class 83 Private Driving – Singles 13.2hh and unde, rClass 84 Private Driving – Singles over 13.2hh, Class 85 Private Driving – Pairs and Tandems, Class 86 Driving for the Disabled, Class 87 Pony Club Dressage, Class 90 Services Team Jumping Competition, Class 95 M&M Working Hunter Pony up to 122cm, Class 96 M&M Working Hunter Pony 122cm – 133cm, Class 97 M&M Working Hunter Pony 133cm – 143cm, Class 98 M&M Working Hunter Pony over 143cm, Class 99 Inter Schools Show Jumping Competition, Class 100 Amateur Riding Horse, Class 101 Novice Riding Horse, Class 102 Small Riding Horse, Class 103 Large Riding Horse, Class 104 M&M Ridden: Welsh Section C, Class 105 M&M Ridden: Welsh Section D, Class 106 M&M Ridden: Connemara, New Forest, Class 107 M&M Ridden: Welsh Section A, Welsh Section B, Class108 M&M Ridden: Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, Class 109 M&M Ridden: Dales, Fell, Highland, Class 110 Light Trade Turnouts Two & Four-Wheel, Class 111 Cleveland Bay, In Hand, Class 112 Cleveland Bay, Ridden, Class 113 Purebred PRE, PRE Fusion and PRE Associated Breeds, Ridden (English), Class 114 Purebred PRE, PRE Fusion and PRE Associated Breeds, Ridden (Spanish), Class 115 Purebred & Part Bred Portugese Lusitanos, Class 116 Parade Horse Class: Purebred & Part Bred Portugese Lusitanos, Class 117 Mountain & Moorland Open Lead Rein, Class 118 Mountain & Moorland Open First Ridden, Class 119 Pretty Polly Mountain & Moorland Lead Rein, Class 120 Pretty Polly Mountain & Moorland First Ridden, Class 121 Pretty Polly Mountain & Moorland Mixed Breeds, Class 125 Under 25 Jumping Competition, Class 127 Meet of the British Driving Society, Class 130 Nursery Stakes, Class 131 Working Hunter Pony 133cm, Class 132 Working Hunter Pony 143cm, Class 133 Working Hunter Pony 153cm, Class 134 BSPS Intermediate Working Hunter, Class 135 Pony Club Tetrathlon, Class 136 Pony Club Show Jumping 1.10m, Class 137 Novice Show Pony 148cm, Class 138 Novice Show Pony 138cm, Class 139 Novice Show Pony 128cm, Class 140 Show Pony 128cm, Class 141 Show Pony 138cm, Class 142 Show Pony 148cm, Class 143 Show Hunter Pony 122cm, Class 144 Show Hunter Pony 133cm, Class 145 Show Hunter Pony 143cm, Class 146 Show Hunter Pony 153cm, Class 147 Open Lead Rein Pony of Hunter Type, Class 148 Childs First Ridden Pony, Class 149 Childs Leading Rein Pony, Class 150 Intermediate Show Hunter Type, Class 151 Intermediate Show Riding Type 146cm – 153cm, Class 152 Intermediate Show Riding Type 153cm – 158cm, Class 153 Anglo & Part-Bred Arabs Exceeding 148cm, Class 154 Anglo & Part-Bred Arabs 148cm & Under, Class 155 Pure Bred Arab, In Hand 1, 2 & 3 years old, Class 156 Pure Bred Arab, In Hand 4 years old & Over, Class 157 Part Bred Arab, In Hand 1, 2 & 3 years old, Class 158 Part Bred Arab, In Hand 4 years old & Over, Class 159 Pure Bred Arab Mares, Ridden, Class 160 Pure Bred Arab Stallions & Geldings, Ridden, Class 161 Side Saddle Costume Concours d Elegance, Class 162 Appaloosa In Hand, Class 163 Side Saddle Concours d Elegance, Class 164 Appaloosa Ridden, Class 165 Pretty Polly Mixed Height Show Pony, Class 166 Pretty Polly Mixed Height Show Hunter Pony, Class 167 Pretty Polly Intermediate


Age 12/13 34", Age 5/6 28", Age 7/8 30", Age 9/11 32"